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The Joe Chiocca Band
The Joe Chiocca Band
Joe Chiocca Band Menu
Joe Chiocca Band Menu
The Joe Chiocca Band performs a blend of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Folk, R&B, and their own original music. The improvisational force of lead guitarist Joe Chiocca drives this powerful groove - supported by bassist Marc Kannenberg, drummer Joe Wells, and Randy Lilleston on harp and percussion.

Led down different paths every time they play, they are defined by their love of music and respect for each other. It's an interchange between the audience and band, featuring The Rolling Stones, The Dead, The Band, Little Feat, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, and much more. The Joe Chiocca Band brings an intensity to the stage that captures you, and keeps you there!

The Joe Chiocca Band
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The Joe Chiocca Band
Name:  The Joe Chiocca BandThe Joe Chiocca Band
The Joe Chiocca Band The Joe Chiocca Band The Joe Chiocca Band
The Joe Chiocca Band
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Wednesday, October 5th @ Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA (703) 549-5051 8 pm
Joe and band from 8-10pm

Thursday, October 6th @ Bilbo Baggins
208 Queen Street, Alexandria VA (703) 683-0300 6 pm
Joe Chiocca and John David Coppola from 6-8pm

Friday, October 7th @ King Street Blues
112 N. Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria VA (703) 836-8800 9 pm
Joe and band from 9 to Midnight.

Saturday, November 5th @ Private Party
We are available for private events, email us for more information. 7 pm
Special event in Silver Spring

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The Joe Chiocca Band
The Joe Chiocca Band The Joe Chiocca Band The Joe Chiocca Band

For bookings and additional information contact: info@thejoechioccaband.com Randy Lilleston (703) 362-0549
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